NEW BLOG - An interview with myself!

Hey everyone! Thought I’d put my BA in Journalism to good use and start a monthly blog. Like all blogs there’ll be a little bit of narcissism, because ya know, it’s about me, as well as a bit about my work, process, inspirations etc.

The great thing is, all posts will be under 500 words, because let’s be honest - anything longer is real boring and a waste of everyone’s time! To kick things off, let’s get to know me a bit better yeah? Here we go!

What’s interesting you right now?

I’ve rediscovered my interest in Buddhism, so I’m doing a lot of reading about it right now. I first came to Buddhist philosophy in my early 20s and was super intrigued by meditation and Mindfulness, both of which have played a huge role in my 20s - so it seems quite fitting to be coming back to Buddhism now in the later part of this decade in my life.

What drives your design process?

Simplicity is always at the forefront of my mind when I start any project, design or otherwise. You could say I’m an obsessive simplifier! Design is visual communication, the latter being key. Simplicity is a great tool for communicating.

Favourite music?

Spotify’s algorithm tells me I love indie electro music and the robot person that lives in my phone doesn’t lie - that is my go to. Love repetitive beats I can move my body to.

What sort of design don’t you like?

If you’ve read the bits above this will be obvious - but anything that’s overly complicated. I’ve got a real small brain, it overheats very fast.

YouTube rabbit hole of choice?

I’ve never been one of these YouTube fanatics that obsesses over cat videos but I have spent the last 5 years of my life watching van conversions and tiny house videos - my dream life right there guys.

Where do you do your work?

I’ve tried the whole office space thing but it doesn’t work for me, I like having a dedicated space to store things but I also like to move around a lot. Sometimes a kitchen table, sometimes the garden, sometimes a library - NEVER a coffee shop, I like to work in near silence.

Unpopular opinion?

The Lion King is super dull.

Did you always want to be a designer?

I’m a council house kid, as if I thought this would ever be a possible career. I wanted to be a Royal Mail truck driver because you could be alone a lot. Shout out to all my introvert buds out there!

Any general life advice for anyone reading?

Don’t care in slightest what people think about you and don’t over complicate your life. Basically my advice for life and design is keep things simple, you starting to get the theme here? Cool.

Until next time - stay simple!

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